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Reading English books for many of us, is actually a really big problem. A couple of the reasons may be because, one, we don’t know enough vocabularies in order to understand what the book is saying, and two, we are just too lazy to look up the words which we don’t understand. These reasons make us even further from even giving it a try.
However, there’s a lot of English books at our library, and they are very easy to comprehend, for example, this series.
They are designed for second to forth graders in America or other English-speaking countries, like Canada. But remember, we aren’t native speakers, so the hardness is actually very appropriate for us.
I have got a couple books from the series today, they cover a lot, from insects to humans, machines to the environment. There is not a specific topic. So if you aren’t interested in insects, you can read the one that’s about the notable inventors.
I’ve actually read these three books before I am standing here and speaking to you guys, so don’t think that I am a random person that just randomly came up to the stage and just started giving a speech. Therefore, I know that the majority of words used inside is in the junior high school vocabulary list.
Anyways, you just need to try it out, you may find yourself interested in reading books in foreign languages maybe. You never know if you don’t try.
The other thing is, how to learn English? I mean, every one of us is studying English at school, we are required to do so, and I found out that many people hate English and don’t do so well on the subject academically.

I have heard my English teacher from America said “Words are like bricks, and the grammar of a language is like the concrete and the reinforcing bars. You need them in order to build a beautiful house.”
I can’t agree with him more. When I was learning French as my third language, my French teacher told me to start with memorizing words. This way, although you cannot write your own sentences that are grammatical correct, but you will be able to understand much written French.
But, how to memorize words in the most efficient way? It’s believed that making flashcards works decently. I used to make twenty flashcards everyday, although I always ended up forgetting some of them, but by the end of every week, I would have memorized at least 70 vocabularies.
Making flashcards isn’t difficult at all, just find blank cards and write the word on the front, and the definition on the back. You can choose to write the definition in English if you think your English is good enough to understand it.
After you have memorized them successfully, you need to utilize them. Try writing your own sentences combined with the grammar you have learned so far. It helps the words to stick in your brain.
Another way is, to soak yourself in an English environment. Listen to English songs, or radio stations(ICRT); read English novels; watch English drama, movies, or news. The more chance you use English the better it is.
When you are listening to an English song, you may not understand the lyrics completely, and that’s what you need to work on in order to improve your English skill. Look up every word you don’t know in the lyrics, and try to play around with the sentence so it makes sense and actually means something reasonable.
Don’t be shy to ask your teachers, teachers are here to help you learn! If you don’t want to bother the teachers, it’s okay if you come and ask me, I am very glad to help, just like the teachers are. Remember, if you want to succeed, you need to pay.

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